Natural Hoof Care

    The approach taken by a natural hoof care practioner (NHCP) is different than that of traditional horse care methods. Natural hoof care takes into account the whole horse and their biological and physical needs based on science and nature. A NHCP is knowledgable and experienced with nutrition, dentistry,  saddle fit, body work, chiropractic/acupuncture, daily lifestyle/environment and hoof care.  NHCP understands how all these components work together and effect the hoof. Since most hoof problems find their source somewhere in the body a NHCP will look at the whole horse in rehabilitation of the hoof. Taking all this into account a NHCP is more than someone who just trims your horse. They advocate for the true well being of the equine and will make suggestions to your management practices so that you can advocate for the wellbeing of the equine as well.  

This is Zuri. A 20+ year Trakehner. He was successfully shown in Jumpers and Second Level Dressage. He has ringbone and side bone. He was lame prior to pulling his shoes and booting him. Took very short steps. Landed toe first and was extremely uncomfortable. Take a look at his before and after video. Once I removed his and used the Easyboot RX on him with pads. He began to extend his movement. Land heel first and was even willing to trot.


Above Left: Zuri with his EasyBoot Rx 
Above Right: Beth fitting pads for Zuri's Easyboot Rx


Update ~ 9-15-2010
Zuri is completely sound at the walk, trot and canter.  His owner plans to put him back into work soon. Will have a new video soon.

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